Exclusive Luxury Homes, Real Estate, Properties For Sale And Rent In Bulgaria From Bestay Property

Bestay Property offers exclusive properties, luxury Homes, real estate, commercial properties for sale, including the Ella Boutique Complex, a luxury mansion in Pirin and a vintage house in Boyana. The houses in Ella complex are situated amidst the greenery of the Simeonovo-Dragalevtsi area, near a small river. Each of them has an area of 300 sq.m., on four levels and has a fenced private yard of about 300 sq.m. The luxury mansion in Razlog (Boykov Rid) has a panoramic view of Pirin and the golf village. The property has an area of 769 square meters and has 4 floors, an indoor swimming pool and corners for fitness, jacuzzi, sky bar and Turkish bath. The vintage house in Boyana is close to Vitosha Nature Park. The property has an area of 330 square meters and consists of three floors. The house has a landscaped yard of 800 square meters and a garage.

For the lovers of the healthy environment, Bestay Property also offers a forest villa for sale in Villi Kostenets, Bulgaria, a family residential building for sale in the picturesque village of Gutsal, a family house in the village of Lozen and a charming house in Pravets.

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