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We use “cookies” (cookies), through which we collect the necessary information and data to make sure we get the right information and personal content when you visit our website at:

With this Policy, we aim to make you aware of how we use these technologies and to be more confident about our use of cookies . We invite you to also read our Privacy Policy to find out other ways we use that information and the data we collect from you. If there are any questions, you’re welcome to contact us at:

What are cookies? 

Cookie is a small amount of data stored in a file that websites store in computers of its visitors in order to preserve information specific to this visitor or device that he/she uses. This helps the site to remember the information of your  visit, such as properties which you are viewing. It makes your next visit easier and the site more useful for you.

A distinction is made between permanent and temporary cookies. Permanent files are saved as files on your computer or mobile device. Temporary / session / cookies are stored temporarily when you visit the site and for the duration of your session on the site.

Most cookies do not collect information that can be used for your identification, but rather gather general information about how users reach sites and how they use them or what is their location. This makes using the site more convenient. Cookies cannot harm your personal files or increase the risk of viruses on your computer.


What cookies does the Bestay Property website use? 


1. Mandatory cookies

These cookies are required because they allow you to navigate the site and use its features. Without these cookies, we may not be able to provide certain services or functions and our Internet page will not work smoothly and effectively as we would like.

Cookie 1iapp-sso, valid for 24 hours. This cookie is used for login purposes to ensure that the account information is accessible when members log into our website.

Cookie 2orig-iapp-host, valid for 24 hours. This cookie is used to activate the redirect functionality when users exit the IAPP community website (

Cookie 3privacy_notice, valid for 365 days. This cookie controls our banners related to privacy update.

2.Cookies for efficiency and functionality

We use Google, Facebook and Twitter cookies to function the various social sharing buttons, as well as the cookies of Crowdio A / S, the online chat service that we use on our website.

These cookies are not mandatory, but allow us to personalize your online experience on our site. Through their use we remember your preferences in order to avoid the reintroduction of the information that you have already submitted; we collect data about how users use our services so that we can improve our Site and our Services and conduct market research.

3.Session cookies

We also use session cookies, which allow you to navigate between different pages on our website without having to sign in again. We use such cookies and you recognized them when you return back to our site.

4.Advertising cookies

These cookies allow us to determine which are the most popular places of our Site and to monitor the frequency of use of our services so that your interaction with us can be improved. It’s important to know that opt-out of cookies doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t see our ads on third-party websites, and that those ads won’t be specifically targeted to you or tailored to your preferences.

BESTAY PROPERTY uses Google and Facebook cookies to display; and display ads that we believe are relevant to your interests. For example, if you have viewed property listings in Sofia on our site, it may be assumed that you have an interest in such properties and we will help you find the right property for you in Sofia by finding and presenting them through targeted ads.

You can see these ads on various sites you visit, as well as on social networks.

5.Third party cookies

Analytical cookies are used to collect statistical information, based on which, general conclusions and recommendations can be made about the effectiveness of the site for the purposes of the users, as well as for marketing and advertising purposes. Such statistics include the number of users per page, most visited pages, visitor sources, time spent on the page, errors encountered, and more.

These cookies allow us to collect anonymous information about how users navigate the website and the difficulties they may experience. For better accuracy, our site uses Google Analytics’ proven analytics tools .

In certain circumstances, we may work with third parties to provide services to our Site. Third parties – advertisers and other organizations may use their own cookies to collect information about your activity on our Site and / or the ads you have viewed. This information can be used by them to serve ads that they believe are most likely to be of interest to you based on the content you have viewed. Advertiser third parties may also use this information to measure the performance of their ads. We do not have access to or control these cookies and to disable or decline third party cookies, please refer to the third party’s website.

How long is the information stored?

The information is saved depending on the type of cookies. For sessions, it is deleted when the browser is closed, while the permanent ones are valid for two months to several years.

How can you manage cookies?

You have the ability to control and manage the used cookies; delete saved cookies on your device and to disable their use in the future. If you want to know when your computer is receiving a cookie, you can set it to let you know about it.

We invite you to visit the website: For information on the most commonly used browsers and how to control and manage cookies. If you are most concerned about third-party advertising cookies that we and other advertisers use, you can set and manage your preferences from here:

Important: Please have in mind that if you disable cookies entirely, the website of Bestay Property cannot function properly.

More information

If you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail:  or call us at tel: +359 888 50 24 51

This document was last updated on 14.12.2019

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